Home Check Services

Let Newscapes check your property to ensure it remains how you left it!

Each client has different needs and customized services are available.

Exterior House Checks

  • Driving by your property once per week at different times
  • Physical walk around house and garage checking for signs of vandalism/forced entry
  • Observing any footprints or anything out of the ordinary
  • Record, report and facilitate repairs from any weather damage
  • Photo document with timestamp will be emailed to you

Standard Service House Checks

  • Exterior perimeter walk around – checking for signs of vandalism/forced entry and weather damage
  • Interior walk through each room checking for water damage, pest evidence
  • Refrigerator/freezer is working
  • Flush Toilets and run all taps
  • Check utility room – electrical panel, pilot light on furnace, hot water tank, water leaks, unusual sounds/smells
  • Check sump pump
  • Thermostat check
  • Check laundry room area
  • Confirm windows are closed, locked and latched
  • Adjust lighting and drapes/blinds as requested
  • Check garage/vehicles

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Let Newscapes check your property to ensure it remains how you left it!

We are passionate about the safety of our community.






Additional Add-on Services

  • Extreme storm checks (extra visit)
  • Pick up mail from the mailbox and bring to your home / Forward mail
  • Cabin opening / winterizing arrangements
  • Cleaning services for your arrival home
  • Airing of home prior to return/heating turned up to a comfortable level
  • Hot tub chemical check with house check services
  • Third-Party appointment/contractor – access and lock up
  • Supervise contractors on site
  • Monthly car start
  • Full run of plumbing for 15 minutes once per month
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine through a rinse cycle
  • Groceries purchased for your arrival home

If you have a request and do not see a service listed, just ask!

All our employees bonded and insured. Milage charges may apply for homes outside of Lee Creek and Celista.

Let our team ensure your property gets the care it deserves!